Esperimenti fotografici con Fuji Instanx in bianco e nero

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Mi chiamo WhatsBehindThat e faccio foto.

La mia prima foto e’ stata fatta con una Yashica, dopo che mio fratello mi spiego’ come leggere la tabella dei valori dietro al flash e come impostare

Experimenting with black and white photography on colour Fuji INSTAX

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My name is WhatsBehindThat and I make photos.

I took my first shots with a Yashica film camera (after my brother explained me how to read the table of values behind the

Cover - Camera Review- Olympus OM-1n

Camera review: the Olympus OM-1N

The Olympus OM-1 was introduced in 1973 and was originally launched as the M-1, which relatively quickly had to be changed to the OM-1 as Leica felt it was too close to their M series.  According to Olympus, it

Ilford Delta 400 Professional shot at EI25600

Black and white film high EI shootout part 2: Kodak Tri-X 400, T-MAX 400 and ILFORD HP5 PLUS, Delta 400 at EI 25600

The high EI shootout is back for part two: the pushening.

Poorly executed references to the terrible sequel that was Highlander 2 aside, I’m hoping that you’ll find this extension of part one just as informative as the first and

Claw - ILFORD HP5 PLUS shot at EI 12800. Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6x6. Push processed 5 stops.

Black and white film high EI shootout part 1: Kodak Tri-X 400, T-MAX 400 and ILFORD HP5 PLUS, Delta 400 at EI 12800

A few months ago I wrote a post about experimenting with pushing Kodak Tri-X from ISO 800 to 12800.

UP - Kodak Ektar 100 Professional. 120 format, ISO 200, push processed two stops.

Photoset #01: Kodak Ektar 100 – +1-stop push with +1 over development

As regular readers will know, I’ve been doing #FILMSWAPs for close to six months now and things are going great guns. Since it all started back in July, I’ve been lucky enough to swap over 150 rolls (and reels) of

Jonas Lundström

Film stock review: Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X (5222) – 35mm format – by Jonas Lundstrom

EMULSIVE: By way of a quick preface, regular readers and followers of EMULSIVE-related ramblings on Twitter will be familiar with our Interview and Photographer’s Daypack series should be familiar with Jonas Lundström.

Crimson woods - Kodak Aerochrome III Infrared Film 1443 shot at ISO200

Film stock review: Kodak AEROCHROME III color infrared film

Let me get this out of the way. AEROCHROME is hands-down my favourite film stock. Yes, that includes EKTACHROME E100VS and I implore you to try some AEROCHROME out if you can.