Bergger Film Stock Reviews

Cover - Every Film Stock Still Made 1- ADOX to dubblefilm

Every single film stock still made today – Part 1: ADOX to Dubblefilm (v3)

Update 02: 2018-09-20

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered how many fresh film stocks are still in production and available for purchase today.

Bergger Pancro 400 - Metered for Shadows

Film Comparison: Bergger Pancro 400, JCH Streetpan 400 and Rollei RPX 400 by Rebecca Joyce

The past 15 years or so have not been easy for film photographers: Most photo labs have closed their doors, major brands no longer manufacture analog cameras, and the few remaining repair shops are all but out of parts.

Bergger Pancro 400 - Reversal Development - Lightbox

Film stock review: Bergger Pancro 400 Part 6 – 35mm EI 400 reversal development (bracketed +/- 1 stop)

It’s about time to wrap up the part of this series that covers Bergger’s 35mm Pancro 400 film with something a bit special: reversal development results.
Before you start scratching your head or disappear altogether, allow me a minute or

Bergger Pancro 400 - EI 1600 - underexposed one stop

Film stock review: Bergger Pancro 400 Part 3 – 35mm EI 1600 (bracketed +/- 1 stop)

Welcome to part three of my Bergger Pancro 400 review series, which this time takes the film to EI 1600, while maintaining the +/-1 stop brackets that you’ve come to know and love.

In case you’re new to the