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Author: Matthew Parry

Magazine review: Kodachrome Magazine Issue 1

Kodachrome, subtitled “Art.Film.Analog.Culture”, is an 84 page magazine created by Kodak focussing on (largely) analogue creativity. Opening with an article titled “Seeking Slow”, the new quarterly magazine, Kodachrome, sets the tone of Issue One. Extolling as it does, the virtues of the often slow nature of analogue the article talks about opposing the “all-you-can-eat buffet” of modern consumer culture. Nevertheless, in doing so, Kodachrome sits outside of the battleground between analogue and digital (thankfully); and instead sets up an arena for those passionate about all things creative to share their passion and their interests.   All of this with...

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Camera review: me and my Olympus 35 SP by Matt Parry

The Olympus 35 SP holds a SPecial and somewhat privileged status in my pretty modest camera collection. For around seven months it has been almost the only 35mm camera I have used (the main exception is the point and shoot, Nikon L35AF). The 35 SP really has an immense amount going for it and it more than pulls its weight in the world of rangefinders, let alone fixed lens rangefinders. It’s an overused phrase but the SP really is a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. So, before I get stuck in, here’s what’s covered in...

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