Kodachrome, subtitled “Art.Film.Analog.Culture”, is an 84 page magazine created by Kodak focussing on (largely) analogue creativity.
Opening with an article titled “Seeking Slow”, the new quarterly magazine, Kodachrome, sets the tone of Issue One. Extolling as it does, the virtues of the often slow nature of analogue the article talks about opposing the “all-you-can-eat buffet” of modern consumer culture.
Nevertheless, in doing so, Kodachrome sits outside of the battleground between analogue and digital (thankfully); and instead sets up an arena for those passionate about all things creative to share their passion and their interests.

Kodachrome Magazine
Kodachrome Magazine

All of this with a heavy leaning towards analogue forms of media.
One surprise I had, (and something I noticed very quickly as I flicked through the contents and pages looking for it) was the minimal amount of articles on still film photography. The only really dedicated photography section is a 10 page advert-article for the Kodak Ektra (read Ektra, not Ektar), Kodak’s relatively new ‘camera-first smartphone’. This in it’s self was another surprise, in a magazine celebrating creativity and all things analogue, it does seem out of place, both in content (photos and details of a digital smart phone camera) and in style (basically an advert).
Thankfully, this is the only overt advertisement in the issue. Also, that said it does not really detract from the overall enjoyable magazine.

Having been a bit concerned about the lack of film Photography, I reached out on Twitter to Joshua M Coon, editor of Kodachrome to ask him about this. He was more than happy to talk, and this is what he said:
“We are definitely planning to do more content around film photography in the future. It will be a prominent part of each issue and there will be more image galleries coming up in future issues as well. We want to cover all the exciting things happening in analogue culture right and film photography is right at the heart of it now”
“Issue three will start showcasing work shot by the film photography community so there will be opportunities for images from the global community to have images appear in the magazine.”
So, it sounds like from issue three there will be plenty of film photography to enjoy!

Regardless of the fact that I had hoped for film photography content, I really enjoyed the magazine. Across a broad range of content, Kodachrome shares detailed personal stories that are alike mainly in the interviewees passion with analog creativity. From motion picture film makers using Super 8, to band poster creators. From a celebration of the increase in independent magazine publishing, to an ode to the colour yellow.
Some Articles I particularly enjoyed were:

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  • Max McSimov who dedicates 50 feet of super 8 film to capture folk and country songs around the U.S.
  • Helen Gilchrist’s exploration of the increasing health of the Independent magazine publishing scene.
  • Lost in Color, by Clare Howdle

In all, Kodachrome is a very nicely put together, and well thought out magazine. It emphasises print, independent publishing and film. I enjoyed it even though I had purchased it simply for film photography, a topic it doesn’t yet feature.
If you want a magazine focussed on most things analogue, get a copy. If you are looking for film photography only, maybe hold out for now. I look forward to future issues, especially issue three onwards.
~ Matt Parry

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