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Author: Toni Skokovic

5 Frames With… ILFORD SFX 200 (EI 200 / 120 format / Mamiya 645) – by Toni Skokovic

For this, I blame EM. First, I got some ILFORD SFX 200 film for the long exposure articles I was working on. Once the tests were done, I was left with 2 rolls sitting around. Then, this wonderful review of the Mamiya 645S 1000S by Tim Dobbs came out and a few short days later, I was the proud owner of a minimalist but capable Mamiya 645, the third Mamiya body in my camera closet. Thanks, EM. Then, I thought, it has been a while since I visited one of my favourite spots – a small flood management cascade in Etobicoke Creek....

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5 Frames With… ILFORD HP5 PLUS (EI 400 / 35mm / Nikon F50) – by Toni Skokovic

When in doubt, reach for ILFORD HP5 PLUS. This has been my film photography rule the last little while. With exception of a few particular uses, or looks, HP5 PLUS delivers and often surprises with its versatility. Recently, I decided to wait out the rush hour traffic in downtown Toronto, and use this gift of time to explore one of city’s many interesting corners – the Roundhouse Park. It is one of the few remaining landmarks to Toronto’s industrial heritage. An old Canadian National Railways roundhouse has been converted into a multipurpose facility hosting a railroad museum and a microbrewery....

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Long exposure film tests part three: Kodak Professional Ektar 100, Portra 160, Portra 400, Portra 800 and Fujifilm PRO 400H by Toni Skokovic

Welcome to the third instalment of my Long Exposure Test series. In this part, I am looking at 5 readily available colour negative films and how adjustment of longer exposure times effects the outcomes. As with previous two articles in this series, I am attempting to refine the long exposure techniques for the purposes of my ongoing Where We Meet photography project. For this part, as we are dealing with colour negative film, so methodology and processing requires a bit of a tweak. Here’s what’s covered in this article:       Test Methodology In picking the methodology, my...

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5 Frames with… FERRANIA P30 ALPHA (EI 80 / 35mm / Olympus OM-1) by Toni Skokovic

With great anticipation, I unpacked my order of 5 precious rolls of FERRANIA P30 ALPHA and ventured out to test this film. Fellini’s masterpiece, “8 1/2”, and FILM Ferrania’s revival story were my main motivators to jump into the fray.  Visually, dream sequence scenes from “8 1/2” were the key driver to test this film out. So, I went off to Sam Smith park with my Olympus OM-1 and a roll of FERRANIA P30 ALPHA to see how this would all work out. I particularly sought scenes with a decent shadow contrast, just to explore and see what kind...

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Long exposure film tests part two: ILFORD HP5+, ILFORD Delta Professional 400, ILFORD Delta Professional 3200, ILFORD SFX 200 by Toni Skokovic

Welcome to part two of my long exposure test results. for part two I wanted to look at how higher speed films from ILFORD behave with longer exposure times. While it seems redundant to use higher speed films for longer exposures, one does not know what can be found. As you will remember from part one, is central to my ongoing photography project, Where We Meet.   This second part of my tests, continues my attempts at mastering the long exposure technique that is key for my project and I hope, charts my endeavours to complete a comprehensive test of various...

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Long exposure film tests part one: ILFORD PAN F+, ILFORD FP4+, ILFORD Delta 100 Professional

Long exposure film photography is a technique central to my currently ongoing photography project, Where We Meet. Capturing the smooth extensions of water movement, contrasted with static elements of the shoreline is the key to this visual narrative. Of course, technical challenges and possibilities abound when it comes to using film for long exposure. First, there is the concept of reciprocity failure, something that to the outsider may seem like another black magic aspect of our craft. Then, the film, as it usually does, offers a wide range of creative options, going well beyond the crisp and predictable realm of...

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Blue hour with Kodak Ektar 100 – by Toni Skokovic

I’ve started getting into film photography more seriously over the past 18 months; and testing different films has been a huge part of discovering the right technology and technique. My goal has been to evaluate different looks and determine if film opens additional creative opportunities. This is how I found Kodak Ektar. Much has been written about this film but for me, I find Kodak Ektar at its most unique under unusual lighting conditions and when exposed in a somewhat unconventional fashion. My first roll was a disaster. I ended up shooting with my camera’s meter set to EI 400, so the roll...

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