For a while, I was intrigued with the ADOX story and curious about the films they make. Finally, I managed to buy a good sampler of their films from Analogue Wonderland, with a bit of help from the Sunny 16 Podcast team, and decided to turn one of my commutes into a photo adventure. That July day was rich with dramatic clouds.  For this, I decided on ADOX CMS II, figuring that slow film like this would work for a bright and sunny day.

The morning walk was excellent. Clearing overnight storm made for a dramatic morning scene. On the way home, I stopped at Evergreen Brickworks, an old brickyard that is now an urban park. Clouds, both directly and reflected in park’s ponds, were back for more dramatic skyscapes. As the sun started to set for the day, it was a perfect time to turn the camera up to the skies again.

A 135 roll of ADOX CMS II loaded in my Nikon F4S and exposed for EI 20 was the set-up for this walk. A workhorse 35mm Nikkor f/2.8 A-IS lens provided just the perfect perspective for dramatic skies. Developed in Ilford ID-11 (1:3 dilution for 10.5 minutes with intermittent agitation), this film made that cloud drama true.

ADOX CMS II made an impression as the medium for dramatic images. A pleasant surprise and a nice find.

~ Toni

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