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Learning to love a rangefinder camera: Five years with the Leica M6 TTL 0.85

In late 2015 I was hit by a taxi making an illegal turn and received three fractured vertebrae for being in the wrong place at …

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The best (and worst) film cameras of the 1990s

The best (and worst) film cameras of the 1990s

My take on the 10 “best” film cameras released during the 1990s. It’s not a countdown in the traditional sense and “best”…well…

A day in the life: London street photography with the Leica M6 - by Simon King

A Day in the Life: London Street Photography with the Leica M6

This article is part diary, part camera review, part lens review, and part film review, all based around my average day-to-day exploits as a film-based street photographer and photojournalist in London.

Camera review: 14 years with the invisible Nikon FM3a

Camera review: 14 years with the “invisible” Nikon FM3a

In January 2006, after 5 or so years of film photography with a combination of cheaper cameras (e.g., a Minolta SRT-101, a Fed-3 and an …

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Choosing a 35mm film SLR: A quick look at six vintage film camera manufacturers

Choosing a 35mm film SLR? A quick look at six (vintage?) film camera manufacturers…

Since the publication of my original book, “Nikon Film Cameras, Which one is right for you?“, I’ve acquired a number of additional cameras and lenses …

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