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Author: Aislinn Chuahiock

5 Frames With… #44: Silberra PAN100 (EI 100 / 35mm / Canon FTb) – by Aislinn Chuahiock

The moment I received my Silberra film, I immediately popped the PAN100 in my Canon FTb and paired it with a 58mm f/1.2 lens. As most of the sample shots I’d seen were of outdoor environments, I decided to bring out the tripod and shoot mostly in dim scenarios. I also took into consideration that the PAN100 has an “emulsion that makes the film ideal to use at dusk/dawn, in winter and at complicated lighting ambience.” The roll was shot at box speed, developed in XTOL (1+0) for 8mins at 20 degrees. The negatives were scanned using a Noritsu.  Call me crazy…...

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EMULSIVE Santa 17 buyers guide – by Aislinn Chuahiock

The EMULSIVE Santa 17 draw is getting close and I’m already at the mental stage of creating a possible checklist of what I would like to send my partner and where I can get it. Of course, our partners will have a wishlist, which acts more like a guided insight to what they’re into.  In the end, it’s really up to you as to what you’d like to send. If you’re like me, my attitude is simple: if I were my partner, would I enjoy receiving my gift? With all this talk of partners to send to and partners...

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A look back at EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016

The annual EMULSIVE Secret Santa event will always be a display of the analog community’s unspoken commitment to support one another. No matter where or what our circumstances are at this point, the Secret Santa is a wholesome way of concluding the year with some kindness and a whole lot of happiness. Sure there will always be the rare bad apple, which we will try to eradicate this year, but the enormous display generosity will always outweigh the hiccups. Full disclosure: I’m helping EM out with managing this year’s event as “Special Elf” 🙂 Last year was a HUUUGGEE...

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5 Frames with… #16: Efke 50 (EI 50 / 35mm / Edixa-Mat Reflex) by Aislinn Chuahiock

Last year when my brother travelled to Vancouver, I gave him $200 to visit my favourite camera seller and told him, “Get me a camera, whatever the seller suggests, he knows me, he knows what I like.” My brother came home with an absurdly clean Edixa-Mat Reflex and spare change; I couldn’t have been more excited! I like shooting with odd cameras (this one has its shutter button on the front), because you’ll always end up with some unexpected results. Since this is the first time I’ll be shooting the Edixa, I wanted to couple it with a film...

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