I’m happy to have been able to shoot a roll of ADOX’s COLOR MISSION 200! I know rolls of this are hard to come by, and I really hope they release more of it soon. From what I understand this is a completely new color film that was resurrected by ADOX from a past R&D project. I also appreciate that ADOX is on a MISSION to finance research on film. This means ADOX is finding modern sustainable solutions and creating opportunities for film within its challenged industry… and not just releasing film for the sake of saying so.

From the sample images online, I saw off the bat that it seems to highlight certain hues: reds, yellows, and by that measure automatically, greens. So I wanted to take photos of subjects that display as many colors as possible. A bouquet of flowers seemed to be a good idea, eh?

I am genuinely pleased by my results and quite surprised too. My floral shots were taken indoors by the window and instinct just told me to shoot it at -1 (EI 100). Those images came out beautifully and as my visual tastes are used to punchy colors, habit made me click the “Linear Contrast” preset on Photoshop Curves. That just kicked my images a smidge.

I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot outdoors, except for that one photo. And that was metered at 200. So my very idiot-proof surface learning is, this film performs like any other color film: perfect photos at box speed when the sun is high and mighty.

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Obligatory corgi and camera shot:

ADOX is spot on with their description of the palette “a film with delicately vibrant minty greens, peachy reds, airy grain”. I really hope they are able to keep this consistency in their next batches. From what I understood (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), this film was coated a few years back and stored in a cool house. Not sure how that really affected the product we see today!

Ahhhh!! shooting macro was such a great idea… the grain’s absolutely beautiful. And I love the rendering of the pinks and violets. So when you’re shooting, find scenes that are rich in reds, yellows, and greens!

~ Aislinn

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