A new, very limited ISO 200 35mm color film from ADOX is upon us just 41 days into 2022. It’s released on Thursday, February 10th, 2022, and is available for pre-order now in limited quantities in 36 exposure, 35mm cassettes.


The film, described by ADOX as having “delicately vibrant minty greens, peachy reds, airy grain and a purpose at the core”, is named to reflect what it means for the company: funding for the future development of a brand new colour photographic film. Described as “a kind of a reverse Kickstarter”, a single batch of ADOX COLOR MISSION is available for purchase immediately.

Proceeds from the sale of ADOX COLOR MISSION will be going to a new R&D project for this new, as yet unnamed film, and according to ADOX, is “helping the community in relieving the current color film shortages, as well as moving ADOX towards our research goals.”

According to the company, a single batch of ADOX COLOR MISSION was co-researched with and coated for ADOX by a company that went bankrupt shortly after the first run. ADOX is starting its own fully independent research and development for color film, which understandably requires significant investment:

  • ADOX chemical production is financing the research of new photochemistry.
  • ADOX Polywarmtone emulsion is helping to advance paper product development.
  • ADOX COLOR MISSION adds a third component going specifically towards film development

ADOX goes on to say, “realistically, a new film is not coming next year – in four years, perhaps. The supply of Color Mission will be enough for this time, and possibly a bit longer.”

As mentioned above, ADOX COLOR MISSION is available starting Thursday, February 10th, at the Fotoimpex store (with worldwide delivery), and can be ordered here.

New to ADOX? ADOX is the world’s oldest manufacturer of photochemical products, with a history dating back to 1860. In the midst of the analog market crash, in 2003, ADOX was the first company to be brought back to life with a production line of rescued machines from bankrupt Konica, Forte and Agfa factories. Now, almost two decades later, the new ADOX is operating in both Germany and Switzerland and produces chemistry, black and white film, liquid photo emulsion, and gelatin filters.

Much of the company’s photochemical production is based on original Agfa recipes and legacy, like Rodinal, Neutol and MCC. All latest releases have an “eco- and consumer-friendly spin”, like dust-free powders or a reversal kit with a non-hazardous bleach. You can check out a review of their HR-50 high-resolution film and a little showdown comparing ADOX Silvermax 100 vs original Agfa APX 100 right here on EMULSIVE.

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    1. Its a preorder. You can buy and check out. The first batch is already gone but we will continue to manufacture more next week.

  1. €170 to ship to the U.K.? Why do they do that to themselves — cut off the very market they’re aiming at?

    Few companies (or individuals) will feel sufficiently confident to purchase when test samples are far more important.

    It’s not a very nice public relations look to appear uncaring and greedy.

    Also not a good business model either.

    Still, if they shit on customers and their own reputation to appease outside accountants, it’s their funeral.

    1. This is due to UK law. Her majesty revenue services forces us to collect, calculate and declare through a british tax consulatnt of her honor to pay british VAT on all orders shipped to the UK below 170 EUR´s of value (precisely 150 quit). Only on orders above this threshold the UK acts like any normal country in the world and runs their own customs procedure at their borders. In other words they tried to impose the costs of brexit on small businesses in the rest of Europe. We really can´t comply with this at our level of business. We will have about 800quit turnover, 20 quit profit and a tax consultants bill of 5000 pounds per month. This is the worse attempt to monopolize trade to big companies ever and the total opposite of a free market economy. The bill is payed by british consumers and our business is down ofcourse as well.

    2. I’m sure it wasn’t a random choice to have such a high ticket cost for shipping, however as I wasn’t involved in that process, it would be much more productive asking that kind of highly specific question to Fotoimpex/ADOX directly. I’m afraid trying to get an answer about that here might well be shouting into the void.

  2. Thanks for the news, very appreciated.
    I will jump to their site and buy a bunch of these, also adding some goodies of their good sorted catalogue.
    The samples looking really promising to bring a nice punch in spring colors

  3. Glad companies are offering new film! I’ll wait until they get it to some U.S. distributors though. $60 for 2 rolls with shipping is too rich for my blood.

    1. Not ideal but I suspect that’s something to do with a recent political change.

      I know a few folks were planning on a group buy for the UK on Reddit and elsewhere. Have you tried Analogue Wonderland to see if they’re getting some in?

      1. I’ve emailed AW to see if they can fix it , I’ve ordered loads from Europe post Brexit without issue