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5 Frames… Around my Houston neighborhood on Adox CMS 20 II Pro (EI 20 / 35mm Format / Minolta X-700 + MD Rokkor 35mm f/2.8) – by Joseph Jacobs

Hi, my name is Joseph, and I am a recovering analog gear addict (a resounding “Hi Joseph” from the interwebs). Yes…back in 2017, at the beginning of my “analog journey”, I found myself obsessively buying all of the cheap film cameras that Etsy and eBay could offer. They simply looked cool (am I right here, […]

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5 Frames… Of Adox KB 17 during ‘Der Fasching’ at the heart of the Black Forest in 1960s Germany (35mm / EI 100 / Asahi Pentax SV + 28mm f/3.5 Super-Takumar)

Way back in 1963, in the early years of my photojournalism career, a German friend of mine who was about to emigrate to the US persuaded me to join him on a visit to his homeland in early February. ‘It’s the season of Der Fasching,’ he explained excitedly. ‘Everyone dresses up, there are big street […]

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5 Frames… With the curious Nikon Nikkor-P.C. 10.5 cm f/2.5 LTM on Adox Silvermax 100 (35mm Format / EI 100 / Leica M7)

Let me share some thoughts. For most of the year, my city has plenty of light. And good light, too. This is fortunate for a number of reasons but, in particular, it allows me to use lower ISO film for street photography. Good resolution and plenty of flexibility. ADOX Silvermax is a fantastic film for […]