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I photograph people, including fashion photography, quirky portraits and art nudes. I feel photography is mainly about the images and the people in them, but secretly I am a bit of a gear-head as well! I like using a variety of medium format film cameras (current faves: Rolleiflex 6008AF, Pentax 67II) and, sometimes, 35mm cameras.

Compact camera mega test: The Contax T2, the world’s most fashionable...

The Contax T2 is the world’s most fashionable camera, apparently. Kendall Jenner uses the T2. Chris Hemsworth uses the T2. Various other celebrities I don’t know use the T2.

Film showdown: ADOX Silvermax 100 vs original Agfa APX 100

Is ADOX Silvermax 100 film the same as the old and revered Agfa APX 100 film? One day I decided to find out.

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