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Author: Louis Sousa

Camera review: Me and my Exakta VAREX IIb by Louis Sousa

You may recall the scene below from Rear Window (1954). Jimmy Stewart is fervently seated in a wheelchair, using an Exacta camera and massive telephoto lens, Jimmy is photographing scenes from the rear window of a neighboring building. He fears a murder occurred. Note the name (Exakta/Exacta on some models) is covered in black tape on Jimmy’s camera. Unless Jimmy is a freak of nature–and from the ergonomics of the camera–taking a sharp image in this pose is bordering on impossible. You see, the shutter button is behind his right thumb. Onto this beautiful but maddening camera. My Exakta, the Exacta...

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Photo story – Beauty from disaster by Louis Sousa

I’ll keep this short. I’d like to present a ten-step process that may help you to obtain beauty from disaster (as I did below). They are as follows: Shoot a beautiful truck (in my case) with 35mm Kodak Ektar 100. The perfect film for brilliant blue. Sweat all over the film spool in the rubberized dark bag that you will later throw in the trash. The film should not successfully spool on to the development reel. Mar the film. Re-roll the film, sweat on it a bit more and add some fingerprints. Decide to use the closet. Cover the light leaks with...

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