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5 Frames With… Kentmere 400 (EI 400 / 35mm / HARMAN...

Receiving the ILFORD newsletter about the HARMAN REUSABLE CAMERA really threw me off guard. I thought to myself, "Why hasn't anyone thought...

In Conversation With: Albert Roig Collell of CARMENCITA Lab

Homegrown labs today are the heart of the film photography process.

Fujifilm: put down your pitchforks, it’s survival of the fittest

Update 2019-06-10:Fujifilm announces a return to black and white photographic film production with brand new NEOPAN 100 ACROS II, available Autumn 2019. The film photography community is once again up in arms about Fujifilm's latest raft of price

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Sponsors and community causes

UPDATE: Community Causes nominations extended to December 31st! Sponsors have always been a big part of EMULSIVE Santa and 2018's event is bringing a big change that's going to allows us to give even more back to the community. For

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Public registration is now open

Update 2018-11-05: Registration is now closed at 1200+ players in 54 countries but you can and should still make a "Community Causes" nomination or two for this year's event! Update 2018-09-03: EMULSIVE Santa 2018 official sponsor and "Community Causes" announcement

A look back at EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2017 – by Aislinn...

EMULSIVE Secret Santa is simply the most wonderful time of the year.

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 Preregistration is now live

Last year's EMULSIVE Secret Santa event was an unabated success, with 783 players in 46 countries participating to spread the analogue photography joy.

5 Frames With… Fuji Superia 400 (EI / 35mm / Konica...

At first, I didn't get the hype but I really respect Dan Ko's opinion when he said he would buy any Konica Waiwai at the silliest price he could find.

Camera Review: Steky Spy Camera Model IIIb – by Aislinn Chuahiock

I've had this Steky camera (2 of them actually) in my collection for a while now. I only take them out during show and tell, and always assuming that subminiature cameras are just too obscure for me to use.

In Conversation With… Fernando “Bobit” Afable / Fotobaryo – by Aislinn...

Almost a year to this day, on a late January afternoon, I met with three characters who were crazy enough to have woken up one morning and collectively thought to themselves, “Hey, we think we’ll build a film lab.”

Blind film review #01: Fuji Natura 1600 vs Kodak Portra 800...

At the end of 2017 I mentioned to Aislinn Chuahiock that I'd received some 35mm Kodak Portra 800 to test out and was planning on pitting it against Lomography's Color Negative 800 in a side-by-side review. In her infinite wisdom

The best of #FP4party January 2018

Here we are with the best of #FP4party January 2018 and it's time for you to place your votes on your favourite of the 28 shortlisted entries below. January saw a strong start to 2018's roster of film parties.

The best of #DeltaDefJam November 2017

Hello and welcome to the best of #DeltaDefJam November 2017 - the last of the year. Apologies it's taken so long to get this out to you guys.

EMULSIVE's most popular film photographer interviews of 2017

It's day three of lazy post week here on EMULSIVE but there's nothing lazy about the folks featured in today's countdown.

EMULSIVE Santa 2017: registration is closed and next steps

Ho ho ho! Welcome to Christmas...it's a little early but welcome nonetheless. This year's Secret Santa registration has been manic to say the least.

5 Frames With… Silberra PAN100 (EI 100 / 35mm / Canon...

The moment I received my Silberra film, I immediately popped the PAN100 in my Canon FTb and paired it with a 58mm f/1.2 lens.

EMULSIVE Santa 17 buyers guide – by Aislinn Chuahiock

The EMULSIVE Santa 17 draw is getting close and I’m already at the mental stage of creating a possible checklist of what I would like to send my partner and where I can get it.

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2017: update #1

NOTE: Registration has now closed for the 2017 event.   Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. For the 430-ish of you in 43 countries who have already signed up, I'd like to extend a huge thanks from myself and special

5 Frames With… Efke 50 (EI 50 / 35mm / Edixa-Mat...

Last year when my brother travelled to Vancouver, I gave him $200 to visit my favourite camera seller and told him, "Get me a camera, whatever the seller suggests, he knows me, he knows what I like." My brother came

EMULSIVE interview #145: I am Aislinn Chuahiock and this is why...

I'm incredibly pleased to bring you the words and pictures of Aislinn Chuahiock in this week's EMULSIVE interview.