EMULSIVE Secret Santa is simply the most wonderful time of the year. For many of us, it is the absolute highlight of being in this amazing community (at this point we could probably call it a tradition).

The event continues to outdo itself every year – 2017’s event was beyond successful with over 780 players from nearly 50 different countries taking part. Everyone’s enthusiasm is inspiring, the kindness of people can be bewildering, the gift-giving creativity has become a healthy competition, and the gratitude overflows way past Christmas and the new year.

Pure and simple, it’s something driven by love. Well, that’s the way I see it.

This annual event has gone beyond a simole effort to put a smile on each other’s faces or filling space underneath our Christmas Trees. It has evolved into a fantastic opportunity for us to come together as a single community, connect, and share our love of film (and other analog) photography with each other.

From stacks of film and cameras, to books and accessories, to going utterly beyond the theme and sending pet treats, here are some of 2017’s greatest hits:

There are many familiar faces every year, each with an unfaltering commitment to their partner(s). It was truly a heartwarming season for me last year. Seeing and sharing everyone’s photos well, I cannot express how deeply moved EM and I are when we see how far reaching the community spirit is.

EMULSIVE Secret Santa also prides itself in bridging the industry’s movers and shakers with their most avid fans. Our sponsors have always poured as much devotion into their gifts as the rest of us players, and have never held back. For the nearly 60 lucky people last year who received a sponsor gift, their Christmas mornings became just a notch more exciting.

Is it too much to say that this quirky community really does love one another?

On a personal note, it brings me so much happiness seeing and sharing people’s journeys through the whole event. From impatiently waiting for the matches to be made, to the rituals of gift preparation and presentation, to my own post office pilgrimage…and then the anxiety of waiting for my gift, it’s all so much fun.

Of course, then comes the much-awaited reveal on Christmas morning. Shout out to those who “accidentally” opened theirs before Christmas, please control yourselves this year, hahaha!

2018’s event – the fourth – will be officially announced on August 14th 2018 – not much longer to wait now. Preregistration (for past players) has been open since August 1st and we’re hoping to start public registrations off with 500 players already registered. Amazing!

This year’s event will also be coming with a special and important twist. It’s been brewing for a while and although we can’t talk about it just yet, expect an update in September with the full details.

There’s so much more to come!

~ Aislinn



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