Secret Santa

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Sponsors and community causes

UPDATE: Community Causes nominations extended to December 31st! Sponsors have always been a big part of EMULSIVE Santa and 2018's event is bringing a big change that's going to allows us to give even more back to the community. For

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Public registration is now open

Update 2018-11-05: Registration is now closed at 1200+ players in 54 countries but you can and should still make a "Community Causes" nomination or two for this year's event! Update 2018-09-03: EMULSIVE Santa 2018 official sponsor and "Community Causes" announcement

EMULSIVE Santa 17 buyers guide – by Aislinn Chuahiock

The EMULSIVE Santa 17 draw is getting close and I’m already at the mental stage of creating a possible checklist of what I would like to send my partner and where I can get it.

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2017: update #1

NOTE: Registration has now closed for the 2017 event.   Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. For the 430-ish of you in 43 countries who have already signed up, I'd like to extend a huge thanks from myself and special

Announcing EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2017!

NOTE: Registration has now closed for the 2017 event. You can find the latest update for Secret Santa 2017 right here. Hello and welcome to EMULSIVE Santa 2017!

Secret Santa 2016: announcing additional sponsors

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your 2 week warning! If you're reading this on November 17th 2016 then there are exactly two weeks left for you to register for EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016.

Secret Santa 2016 update: one month to go

Thanks for stopping by. You're either reading this because you've signed up for EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016 and are hoping for an update, or you’ve not signed up just yet and need a little encouragement. First for an update: We’re

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2015 – Names have been drawn!

Hello again everyone, thanks for stopping by. We've just this minute made the Secret Santa 2015 draw and emails with details of your match are winging their way to you all now. When the doors closed for registration on this

Secret Santa 2015 – four days to go!

With only four days left to register, we're incredibly pleased to announce that the wonderful folks at Ilford Photo have decided to throw their hat in to the ring and will be playing along with the rest of us! Joining