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Author: Todd Reed

My Return to Film: Todd Reed

In a high tech digital age, why have I chosen to go back to an older, somewhat archaic process of shooting film? In a simple statement – “It feeds my soul” For some strange reason, I have never been on a photo shoot with a film camera and said to myself, “I wish I had brought a digital camera with me”. But, there have been many times, where I think to myself, “man, I wish I would have shot that with the 4×5”. That scene coming back from Kodachrome Basin, looking north at Escalante and Capitol Reef. Late afternoon...

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Camera review: me and my Pentax 645 by Todd Reed

If you are just an old timer still shooting film, or new to the craft, photographing with film encourages one to explore and play with tactile gear and tangible materials. The sound of the mirror slap, “ka chunk”…or the smell of fresh fixer. Just can’t get that from a digital platform! On the lower end, there is a plethora of reasonable priced, used 35mm film cameras, and on the upper end there are large and pricey sheet film cameras, some which consume 8×10” Velvia at around $12 per shot! Sitting comfortably in the middle is a class known as medium...

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