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Author: Kikie Wilkins

Camera review: Mamiya Press Super 23 and Mamiya Universal Press – by Kikie Wilkins

I’m here today to provide you with my review / comparative overview of the Mamiya Press Super 23 and the Mamiya Universal Press cameras. There’s quite a lot to cover, so let me quickly cover the points discussed in this article:     My road to the Mamiya Press system Several years ago, a coworker friend of mine bought an original Mamiya Press camera and brought it in to work so others and myself could take a look at it. I’d never seen a camera like it before, only recently having developed an interest in 35mm rangefinder cameras. My only experience...

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A guide to developing your own E6 film (Arista E6) – by Kikie Wilkins

Before I jump into the guide, allow me a few moments to tell you the story of how I began shooting and developing slide film. Many years ago, while working as an employee of a transport and delivery company, I came into possession of a large quantity of Kodak EKTACHROME slide film. One of the transportation contracts that my company held was with a medical facility here in Arizona. In the lab area that we picked up at, I noticed a large quantity of slide film stored in a freezer. There were at least three different kinds of slide...

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