It’s the final part of this amazing series of listcles. I say amazing because what was supposed to be a quick series of articles that were going to give me a little break between Christmas and the New Year turned into housekeeping task of mammoth proportions. I promise I’ll be better prepared for next year.
Back to the list. Here’s a countdown of the most popular articles published right here on EMULSIVE in 2017.

10. Every new film photography
stock announced in 2017

2017 Film Schedule



9. Film review – Kodak VISION3 250D
35mm motion picture film (5207)

Cover - Kodak VISION3 250D 5207 review



8. Film review: Kodak TRI-X 400
black and white negative film
35mm, 120 and large formats

Cover - Kodak Tri-X 400 review



7. Exclusive: Japan Camera Hunter talks to
EMULSIVE about his new
35mm compact camera project

JCH Compact Camera Project Announcement



6. Effectively shooting Fuji Velvia 50 and other slide films
by Roger Harrison

Effectively using Fuji Velvia 50 and other slide films



5. Film review: Agfa Vista Plus 200
35mm format

Cover - Agfa Vista Plus 200 review



4. The EMULSIVE Global Film Lab Map

The EMULSIVE Global Film Lab Interactive Map v8



3. EMULSIVE x Kodak Alaris
Community Interview: results time

EMULSIVE x Kodak Alaris Communit Interview 2016



2. Bulk loading 120 film using
65mm Kodak 250D (5207)

400ft 35mm vs 1000ft 65mm Kodak 250D (5207)



1. Film review: Bergger Pancro 400 Part 1
35mm EI 400 (bracketed +/- 1 stop)

Cover - Bergger Pancro review pt1


And that’s it, it’s over…no more listicles until next year! Thank you all very much for reading and more importantly for your support these past twelve months. Coming into year three of EMULSIVE have been an amazing experience and it’s only getting better.
Thank you all for sharing so much with the community and I over the past twelve months; and thank you for your continued creativity and hard work.
All the best for a health and productive 2018!

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