Agfa Vista Plus 200

EMULSIVE’s most popular articles of 2018

It’s the final part of this amazing series of 2018 listcles. Thank you for bearing with these lazy posts and rest safe in the knowledge that while you’ve been reading these, I’ve been away on holiday.

Cover - Every Film Stock Still Made 1- ADOX to dubblefilm

Every single film stock still made today – Part 1: ADOX to Dubblefilm (v3)

Update 02: 2018-09-20

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered how many fresh film stocks are still in production and available for purchase today.

Shanghai, 2017. Shot on Voigtlander Vito II, ILFORD HP5 PLUS

EMULSIVE interview #173: I am Rachel Brewster-Wright and this is why I shoot film

January 27th 2016. Let that date burn into your memory. The was the first time today’s interviewee and I first made email contact.

Fugue - Nikon FE2 + Kodak EASTMAN-X 5222

EMULSIVE interview #172: I am Joy Celine Asto and this is why I shoot film

It’s a pleasure to be able to bring you all the work and words of Joy Celine Asto, whom some of you may remember from her article introducing Manila back at the top of 2017.

Double Exposure Self Portrait With Olympus 35RC - October 2017. Hasselblad 500C with Agfa MCRC paper. Two bursts of four full power flashes from a Nikon SB800.

EMULSIVE interview #159: I am Toby Van de Velde and this is why I shoot film

Hello and welcome to another fresh EMULSIVE interview, today with Toby Van de Velde, freelance photographer based in the south of England.

Print scan - Pentax ME Super - ILFORD HP5+

EMULSIVE interview #148: I am Ashley B Williams and this is why I shoot film

There’s a sense of good will and camaraderie in the film photography community that’s hard to beat.

Kalispell in October

EMULSIVE interview #120: I am Dustin Veitch and this is why I shoot film

Probably known as much for his Analog Monthly blog posts, as he is for his silly Twitter name (what is a faulty flip flap, anyway?), I’m pleased to be able to finish of 2016’s EMULSIVE interviews with the one and