In the summer of 2022 I had a fantastic photo week in Prague (Czech Republic) with my friend João. I used six different films with my Plaubel Makina 67. The weather was sunny and warm (up to 38°C on one day, but Czech beer helped a lot to keep cool) with some clouds all over the week.

I also used my Noblex 06/150 panoramic camera, mostly in colour with the new Kodak Gold 200, and my new Rollei 35 SE, also mostly in colour with Agfaphoto Vista 400 and FujiColor C200, but this is a story for another time.

The first film I wanted to try was the “local” Foma Bohemia Fomapan 100 Classic, developed in Caffenol CL 60min stand. I took that shot on the left side of the river Vltava, facing the dancing houses.

The second film was the Rollei RPX 25 (Rollei 80S clone) @80 ISO, developed in Caffenol CL (50 min stand). The shot was taken at the Franz Kafka animated metallic sculpture created by David Černý.

The third film was the Agfa Copex Rapid ACR 50 ISO film in Caffenol CLCN 16.5min. This shot was taken on the wall of the medieval fortified castle of Vyšehrad (1650-1866).

The fourth film was the Kodak Tri-X 400 @100 EI, developed in Caffenol CL (50 min stand). The shot was taken near the modern art museum Kampa.

The fifth film was the ILFORD XP2 Super @ 100 EI, developed in Caffenol CL (60 min stand). This shot was taken in the second courtyard of Prague Castle.

The sixth film was the Fujifilm NEOPAN ACROS II, developed in Caffenol CL (60 min stand). The shot was taken near the railway bridge.

Thanks for reading!

~ Frédéric

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