Fomapan 100 Classic

My Nikonos III with 80mm f/4 Nikkor lens, Brian DuBois

5 Frames… Of in-focus shots with a Nikonos III on Arista.EDU Ultra 100 (120 Format / EI 200) – by Brian DuBois

Most of us that have been around film photography for a long time know the Nikon Nikonos underwater camera. It was always a bit of a …

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Frugal Film Project

The Frugal Film Project: the project that turned into something else: halfway update – by Sherry Christensen

Halfway through… six months in already? How did that happen… didn’t we just start? Actually, we are settling into our routine but the bloom is off the rose…

Review: Comparing FF No.1 and Cinestill Df96 monobath developers

Monobath film developers feel like the in thing for 2018.

Cover - Review - Intrepid 4x5

Camera review: getting back on the bike with the Intrepid 4×5 – by Phil Harrison

It sounds very grand when you tell people that you are having a field camera made for you. I certainly felt grand and excited when I placed my order for an Intrepid 4×5 with blue bellows and lens board.

Vergiss by fin dac, Mamiya Press Super 23, 100mm 3.5, Kodak Portra 400, EI 100

EMULSIVE interview #122: I am Kikie Wilkins and this is why I shoot film

Welcome one and all!

Southeast Waterfront, Washington D.C. Fuji GA645, Ektar 100.

EMULSIVE interview #86: I am Jamelle Bouie and this is why I shoot film

Today we’re sitting down with film photographer Jamelle Bouie.

Toward Ramsey St Mary - Fenland 2015

EMULSIVE interview #43: I am Andrew Bartram and this is why I shoot film

35mm, medium format, instant and Large format; they’re all fair game for today’s interviewee, Andrew Bartram.

EMULSIVE interview #6: I am Antonio Biagiotti and this is why I shoot film

Here we are with another interview for you all. This time we’re sitting down with the incredibly passionate Antonio Biagiotti. Hailing from Northern Italy, Antonio is a moslty medium format photographer working in 6×7 using his Pentax 67ii.