I originally set out to shoot this roll to try and nail down a few teething problems I had with starting home B&W development again. The first two rolls I had developed had small black specs all over the negative and concentrated particularly along the sides. Finding myself with a day off and no plans it seemed a perfect time to load up a roll and head for a little walk.

Fomapan film is something I’ve shot plenty of on 35mm but I’ve never tried it in medium format but since I had a roll laying around it seemed a good time to head out and give it a try on my Mamiya RB67 and Mamiya Sekor 127mm f/3.8 C lens. Since I was shooting a film I was familiar with but in a new format, it seemed fitting to take it to a location I know very well but have never really photographed.

This stretch of woodland forms part of my journey to work so I’m well acquainted with its paths and what lines them, but I’ve never really stopped to take it in or to wander off the path and explore. This roll was doing exactly that, I spent about 2 hours wandering up and down the few hundred feet of woodland trying to find interesting features that I don’t notice in my normal day.

Details, shapes and compositions that bring a bit more excitement to what I normally see as a stretch of my commute. I’m pretty happy with the few images, and mainly I figured out the problem with my development (it was not washing my equipment after developing with C41 and some traces of stabiliser being left on the reel and tank).

The Fomapan performed really well. The contrast and tone are lovely and the grain is pretty unnoticeable unless you’re really going big with it. I’ll definitely be stocking up on more as a slightly cheaper alternative for lazy days shooting like this.

~ Joe

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