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5 Frames… Of a Montreal Winter on Fuji Velvia 100 (120 format / EI 100 / Rolleicord Vb)

“Nice camera,” said a passing Montrealer as I looked up from the waist-level viewfinder of my Rolleicord Vb.  I’d just photographed their local depanneur (convenience store) in the Vieux-Rosemont neighbourhood of Montreal. I had sought out this depanneur specifically due to its big blue sign which jutted out of a residential building.  Fortunately for me, […]

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My return to film: Roy Shiro

Many photographers look back at their work at the end of the year, to assess, critique, and, if you’re like me, to convince themselves that they’re moving forward with their work. This year was a bit different in some respects for me, as the end of the year marks the one-year anniversary of my move […]

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Discontinuation notice: Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film in 4×5″ and 8×10″, and 120 format Fujicolor Pro 160NS

Fujifilm Japan has just announced the global discontinuation of Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film in 4×5″ and 8×10″ large formats, and 120 format Fujicolor 160NS Professional colour negative film. Coming hot on the heels of the July 2021 ban of the sale and processing of Fujichrome Velvia 100 in the United States, the notice is effective […]

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Taking Stock: A shootout with 3 very different color films highlights creative possibilities – Kodak Portra, Fuji C200 and Fuji Velvia 100

I recently acquired a Rollei 35 after dreaming about shooting with this ultra-compact camera and its legendarily sharp Carl Zeiss lens for many years. I was able to score a great deal on a lightly used “Made in Germany” variant at my local camera shop by trading in an old Canon A1 and 50mm lens […]