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Author: Yusuf Wiryonoputro

How to work with the narrow latitude of color reversal (slide) films – By Yusuf Wiryonoputro

Exposure latitude is defined by the satisfactory range between the shadow and highlights at which details can still be visible and color reversal (slide) films are known to have exposure latitudes that are much narrower than black and white, or color negative films. Accurate metering is important when using films with narrow exposure latitude and graduated ND (GND) filter usage can be very helpful, especially when shooting landscapes. That said, a GND may not always be enough. You see, I brought an almost complete set of GND filters to use with my landscape photography and although I remember metering my...

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How to eliminate the Fuji Velvia “Magenta Cast” – by Yusuf Wiryonoputro

I love the colors of Fuji Velvia, but I don’t like the magenta color cast that can result during daylight shooting. You will find many discussions related to this if you google “velvia magenta cast”. I wrote this article specifically to address how to remove Fuji Velvia’s magenta cast when shooting landscapes with a camera on tripod and Neutral Density filters alone. Before we gat started, let me provide you with an example of the color cast I’ll be dealing with: It may not be immediately apparent but you can see a distinct magenta color cast in image above....

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