I’m back with the second in this series of end-of-year-lazy-posts. Although it’d be fun to come up with a less honest intro for the article, I think you’d all see through it, so why try?
In this second listicle, I take a look back at the most popular film camera reviews posted on EMULSIVE in 2017. Before I do so, I’d like to thank off of the wonderful people who submitted the articles you see below.
Here we go.

10. Yashica D TLR
by Ed Worthington

Cover - Review - Yahsica D



9. Mamiya 645 1000S
by Tim Dobbs

Camera review - Mamiya 645 1000S



8. Minolta Hi-Matic AF
by Adi W

Cover - Review - Minolta Hi-Matic AF



7. Rolleicord Vb
by Shawn Mozmode

Cover - Review - Rolleicord Vb



6. Mamiya RB67
by Robert J Davie

Cover - Review - Mamiya RB67



5. Leica Sofort
by Edward Conde

Cover - Review - Leica Sofort



4. Fuji GA645i
by Anil Mistry

Cover - Review - Fuji GA645i



3. Mamiya Press Super 23 and Mamiya Universal Press
by Kikie Wilkins

Cover - Review - Mamiya Press Super 23 and Mamiya Universal Press



2.Hasselblad 500CM
by Tim Bergstrom

Cover - Review - Hasselblad 500CM
Cover – Review – Hasselblad 500CM



1. Olympus 35SP
by Matt Parry

Cover - Review - Olympus 35SP
Cover – Review – Olympus 35SP


Part two done, are you sick and tired of these yet? Sick or not, there’s more coming.
Watch out for a countdown of the most popular film photographer interviews coming tomorrow.

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