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5 Frames With… CineStill 800T (EI 800 / 120 / Yashica...

A while ago I was involved in a Twitter conversation about what scene from a movie you wish you could have shot yourself, or wish you could replicate.

EMULSIVE's most popular film camera reviews of 2017

I'm back with the second in this series of end-of-year-lazy-posts.

EMULSIVE interview #152: I am Ed Worthington and this is why...

Wahey! It's Ed Worthington aka "The 6 Million P Man" (that's P as in English pence, not Mike, or the other P word).

Camera review: Me and My Yashica-D (80mm f/3.5) TLR by Ed...

Hi everybody, my name is Ed Worthington, although I go by my pseudonym of “The 6 Million P Man” when it comes to anything photographic*. I’ve been shooting film for a little over three years now and sharing the images

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