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5 Frames… Of Dublin’s St Patrick’s Day on Adox Color Mission 200 (35mm Format / EI 200 / Leica M6 + Voigtlander 35mm f/2.5 Color Skopar) – by Valentine de Villemeur

When Adox photo released their new film Color Mission, I knew I had to test it out. I purchased two rolls and received them just in time for St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin! I arrived early to find a good spot because my goal was to have enough crowd around me to capture the people […]

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5 Frames of… Tulips on overexposed Fujicolor C200 (Leica R3, Macro-Elmarit 60mm f/2.8) – by Charles Mutter

I am endlessly fascinated by tulips. So far, so unoriginal. Even supermarket bouquets can yield extraordinary beauty, especially if left a little longer than most florists would deem appropriate. And our local florist often has really unusual, dramatic blooms – parrot tulips, “double” tulips that burst out like peonies… Usually, I photograph them indoors, the […]

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The King’s Trail: Documenting my hike through the Swedish Lappland on the Leica M4 and Kodak ULTRAMAX 400

Above the Arctic Circle, amidst the wide green plains, enclosed in looming blue peaks, the ‘King’s Trail’ covers 400km of land devoid of civilisation, save for the indigenous Sami, their reindeer, and the occasional shelter. Here is where I found myself last year, Leica M4 in hand, photographing one of the most beautiful places on […]

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EMULSIVE Interview #228: I am Daniel Boklage and this is why I shoot film

Greetings and welcome to another fresh EMULSIVE interview. today we’re saying hello to Daniel Boklage, who hails from the beautiful north of Bavaria. Readers of 35mmc might recall Daniel’s work from a recent article there. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t you’re in for a treat! Over to you, Daniel! Hi Daniel, what’s this picture, […]

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A Leica in the Limousin: Photographic Bliss in 1980s Rural France on Agfapan 100 Professional

It was in the backwaters of France that I decided to do the research right here for my Master’s in anthropology. Almost every morning, the sun crept over the forested hills at seven but was quickly pushed away by dark clouds, which brought rain the entire day until sunset, where our perennial star showed the […]

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5 Frames… Of ILFORD HP5 PLUS developed in Caffenol-C (35mm Format / EI 400 / Voigtlander Bessa R2 + Leica Summicron 50mm)

Paddy is a science teacher at the school where I work and a friend I’ve known for years. He likes: Star WarsCoffeeAstrophysicsAmerican Football I’m an English teacher. I like: Star WarsTeaPhotographyPoetry Besides Star Wars, the friendship is mostly based on us both being decent blokes. But recently, we found a new area where, in the […]

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The minimalist Leica R6: Budget Leica or an overpriced SLR?

Leica is known for its legendary craftsmanship of cameras, but I don’t need to tell you that. Why do you think we all clamour at the idea of finding one amongst our grandfather’s possessions? It’s like finding the holy grail. While pretty much any camera from the M-Series is most sought after, most people would […]