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Street photography in 1974: Shooting a hand-me-down Leica llla in Paris – by Gerard J. van den Broek

“School’s out for summer” sang Alice Cooper a few years earlier in 1972. Well, in our case, school was out forever, entirely. We got our diplomas and summer was way back in our minds. A friend and I wanted to do something different. I had gone to mandatory military service in September, but with the […]

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A Leica in the Limousin: Photographic Bliss in 1980s Rural France on Agfapan 100 Professional

It was in the backwaters of France that I decided to do the research right here for my Master’s in anthropology. Almost every morning, the sun crept over the forested hills at seven but was quickly pushed away by dark clouds, which brought rain the entire day until sunset, where our perennial star showed the […]