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5 Frames… Of Zeche Zollverein on Silberra Color 50 (120 Format / EI 125 / Mamiya 645 1000s + Sekor-C 45mm f/2.8, 80mm f/2.8 and 150mm f/4) – by Ernst-Jan de Vries

Nowadays, more and more companies are selling bulk-loaded/rebranded Kodak Aerocolor 2460 for still photography. One of the first companies to do this was Silberra from St. Peterburg in spring of 2021. They brought out three iterations, Silberra Color 50, 100, and 160. According to them, all films with their own unique colours but in fact, […]

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Penny for your thoughts: Documenting a unique bike race on medium format film

Having traveled internationally for years in search of compelling imagery, I sometimes feel like there aren’t many unique events left to cover in my own backyard. That’s obviously not the case, as the world (even my small corner of it) is filled with undiscovered wonders. This reassuring fact was driven home recently when a friend […]