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Photoset: On business in NYC with my Mamiya 645 1000s and...

I wrote this text at the end of spring in 2018, but for some reason, I postponed publishing it anywhere.

EMULSIVE’s most popular articles of 2018

It's the final part of this amazing series of 2018 listcles. Thank you for bearing with these lazy posts and rest safe in the knowledge that while you've been reading these, I've been away on holiday.

EMULSIVE's most popular film camera reviews of 2017

I'm back with the second in this series of end-of-year-lazy-posts.

5 Frames With… ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional (EI 3200 / 120...

ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional is my favorite black and white film.

Camera review: Mamiya 645 1000S by Tim Dobbs

The Mamiya 645 1000S was not my first medium format camera.