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5 Frames… With ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional (EI 3200 / 120 / Mamiya 645 1000S) – by Aivaras Sidla

ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional is my favorite black and white film. I love it because of the pronounced grain and versatility – I can shoot it in any lightning conditions. I always rate this film at ISO 3200 and this incredible sensitivity lets it be shoot during the night, even with moderately slow (F/2.8) lenses. And, using a 3-stop ND filter this film could be used with zero fuss during daytime – basically then you have 400 ISO film. 

The ability to shoot it under normal and low light is an important thing, as it allows you to travel light. I don’t need to have two cameras, one loaded with slow film for daytime and another with fast film for the dark; its enough to have one camera and an ND filter.

I have been enjoying this film for a long time but only in 35mm, as I’m more hobbyist small SLR shooter. That said, for the last 2 -3 years I have begn to look into medium format. This urge to try something new, something superior was strong and despite my resistance to get into new system, finally I lost the battle and acquired a medium format Mamiya 645 1000S with Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f/1.9 lens.

The camera, lens and my 120 frormat Delta 3200 arrived to me at a time when I was packing for a business trip to Milan. I had no choice but to vent the hard and proper way – taking a heavy medium format camera on a non-photography business trip 🙂

The set of pictures that you see above are from one roll of film, the first three are of Milan Cathederal (Duomo di Milano) and the surrounds. The last two are from Como city / lake, which is around 30 minutes by train from Milan.

So far my obvious conclusion would be that ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional in 120 is even better!

Thanks and enjoy!

~ Aivaras

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Aivaras Sidla
Aivaras Sidlahttp://www.beautifulgrain.com
Photography is my hobby. It lets me see the world differently, to notice small miracles in dull environment, to detach from daily life, to recreate inner balance and to remain constantly positive. To sum up photography is a drug for me, and as I mostly shoot film – this drug costs money. Ha ha. While I don't consider myself "big artist” in terms of my shooting results, I try to be active in photography world in order to: -promote photography as an instrument that enriches personal view to the world - I mean that when you start to shoot you start not to look, but to SEE. World becomes more beautiful place to live. - promote film photography and to encourage new users to enter it. I have twofold reasons for it: a) it beautiful and people should try it b) as a means of “self defence” - more users means longer life of film and film cameras in the market 🙂


  1. I had a LOT of fun with Delta 3200 when it came out. I was working for a photochemical company (Sprint Systems) and I needed to test films.
    I did 35mm format and 120. The grain was great for moody, fog shots with the 35mm and the sensitivity of that film (when pushed a stop) allowed me to take shots in candle light at night with an old Zeiss Superikonta (6 x 9) that printed out AWESOME!
    Have fun with it, Tim.

  2. Some great shots:)I am a fellow convert to Delta3200:) As a film, it’s now my go to “proper” B&W film of choice! I love the fact that I can move from an interior scene to the outdoors seamlessly, without fuss or worry:) It also works really well with Zoom lenses, where at the long end(80mm) I can stop the lens down to f38 and still get a very usable shutter speed(1/500)even in bright conditions without a ND filter!

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