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Author: Sarah Arnoff

Travelogue: Australia part three – Tasmania

Today we’re welcoming Sarah Arnoff back with part three of her Australian travelogue. We’re following on from part one, which covered Sydney and part two, which took a look at Brisbane. Welcome to part three, the beautiful island of Tasmania. Over to you, Sarah.   If you only have six days on the rugged and rural island of Tasmania, do whatever you can to procure more time there. Our not-quite-a-week was not quite enough time to explore our road trip route from Hobart, west to skim the edge of Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, north to Cradle Mountain National Park and...

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Travelogue: Australia part two – Brisbane

Today we’re welcoming Sarah Arnoff back with part two of her Australian travelogue. We’re following on from Part one: Sydney with a look at Brisbane. Over to you, Sarah.   After experiencing a rather rainy Sydney, we hopped up to much sunnier Brisbane to visit some friends. Though we didn’t spend very much time in the city itself, we were able to explore the surrounding areas thoroughly. Our friends took us to Byron Bay, the ultimate beach-bum town where “backpackers come for a few days and end up staying for six months.” It wasn’t difficult to see why: Crystal-clear...

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Travelogue: Australia part one – Sydney

My husband and I are neither whimsical nor methodical about where we decide to travel. Perusing Google Maps is a favorite pastime and many of our decisions are based on a “what have we never seen before?” school of thought. I was drastically close to booking tickets to Europe last spring when I stumbled upon a ridiculously good fare to Australia, so we made a sharp left and ended up spending two weeks on the opposite side of the world.   We began and ended in Sydney, where rain was a major theme. After the first day of trudging...

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Travelogue: Antelope Island State Park with the Ferrania Rondine box camera

My aunt picked me up a 1948 Ferrania Rondine box camera (127 format!) at a yard sale a while back and it’s been used sparingly over the years, mostly sitting on a shelf in my house gathering dust. I don’t shoot too 127 incredibly often, so it’d been a good while since I had last used it. I decided to crack it open and give it a deep clean and bring it along on a little day trip my husband and I were going on with a house guest…and, of course, I left the cleaning until the very last possible...

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