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5 Frames… With Ultrafine Extreme 400 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Olympus MJU III 80)

Everyone seems to be on a point and shoot camera craze these days. Thanks to celebrities toting these small and pocketable shooters, their popularity (and price) have skyrocketed in recent years. You have the usual suspects: Contax T2/T3, distant cousin the Yashica T4/T5 super, Nikon 35/28 Ti, Ricoh GR, and the very tiny Olympus Stylus […]

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Shooting expired Kodak EKTACHROME 100 in 220 and 4×5 format: why I’m excited medium and large format is coming back

After the successful resurrection of 35mm Ektachrome, Kodak announced it would also bring back 120 and large formats. Later we even found out 4×5 large format sheets were also going to be released. At the time of writing in the middle of January 2020, we are living in the twilight zone of it being–or-just-not-yet–being on […]