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Maxime Evangelista, wanabee Photographer I picked up my first camera about 10 years ago, through experimenting and research my love for this art kept growing! ​ First I started with an automatic digital camera then started using manual settings and lastly going back in time to take on analog photography! As I developed my photographic eye and technique throughout the years my will to continue grew. Now I mostly use analog, I fell in love with the different effects, grain and the endless possibilities it gives!

Shooting 100-year-old black and white film: Primor B2 Panchromatisch – by...

"Where in god’s name did he find 100-year-old film?", you might be asking yourself. Well I recently went to Budapest, Hungary for...

My first Impressions with the Bronica ETRSi

I was recently tempted to get into medium format more seriously and began around looking for the camera that would allow me to do so.

5 Frames With… ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional (EI 6400 / 35mm...

I had never pushed film before but upon my arrival on a recent trip to Dublin, Ireland I thought I would try my luck with some old-fashioned analog night photography.