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Author: Raymond van Mil

5 Frames With… #55: Fuji INSTAX Wide Monochrome (EI 800 / INSTAX Wide / Mamiya Universal) – by Raymond van Mil

I love to shoot instant film. I love the old peel-apart film, I love Polaroid and I also love Fuji INSTAX. What I didn’t like so much was their bulky plastic camera so I bought the Lomography Belair Instax back and managed to DIY cut, glue and tape it to a Mamiya Universal. For flash work I use the rare Fuji Instax 500AF, the only Instax camera ever build with autofocus which they only made for 1 or 2 years. (God knows why, its way better then what they sell now, Fuji if you read this, please bring it...

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