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5 Frames… On “Secret Santa” Kodak TMAX P3200 (35mm Format / EI 3200 / Praktica MTL5 + Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.8 Ultron)

Christmas 2019 a discreet messenger informed me I was to receive a “Secret Santa” gift, and asked what I might suggest. I was curious to try Kodak TMAX P3200, so I suggested this as a gift. Two rolls did arrive, and I shot one of them in late December through January (still have the other). […]

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5 Frames… Shooting Blues Night 1993 with Stan Webb and Chicken Shack on Kodak T-MAX 3200 (35mm Format / EI 3200 / Minolta X-300 + Tokina SD 70-210mm f/4-5.6)

In autumn 1993 it was time again. The annual Blues Night in the neighboring town of Idar-Oberstein was coming up. This time I also wanted to take pictures there. My first time in a dark hall with a few spotlights on stage. What do I need? Flash was already categorically ruled out for me. I […]

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Film Notes: Current high-speed films, ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional and Kodak T-MAX P3200

I’ve often described how I think that people looking for a different “look” from film would be better suited exposing and developing in a different way before they’d see any benefit from switching emulsions. Unless someone is searching for a specific “effect” in terms of grain structure, or halation, then most films will produce fairly […]