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EMULSIVE’s most popular darkroom related articles of 2019

If you're on social media, you will have no doubt noticed an uptick in darkroom-related activities in our community. From home processing...

Anecdotal evidence: My darkroom tricks and treats – by Fred Rosenberg

I’ve been a street photographer and black and white darkroom worker since back when bulk film loaders boasted of “Penny a Frame” - that’s right, $.36 a roll of film.

My darkroom journey – by Keith Moss

I really believe that to be a complete photographer it is imperative to either hone the skill set of printing within a darkroom environment or be knowledgeable of the process.

A practical guide to… Lith printing

When mainstream photography was entangled with the darkroom, the act of printing a photo would show the artist's hand as much as what was photographed.

How I built my darkroom for less than $500

"Oh sure, it may not look like much, but it’s going to be my new photo darkroom." I said this, with a touch of nostalgia, a bit of a whim, and the driving force of practicality around the return

The Simple Enlarger: compact, portable, low-cost darkroom printing for all

I want to spread the idea that a photographic enlarger is fundamentally a very simple thing.

An introduction to Platinum/Palladium printing – by Scott Hays

If there was ever a form of printing that gives you that true artistic feel, Platinum/Palladium would be it.

Photo story: the photograph as a time machine – by Erik...

I don't make very many prints. Relatively speaking that is, considering how many pictures I make for myself and as part of my job.

An introduction to black and white darkroom printing

Black and white printing is (obviously) fun, and easy to get into.

Ein Vorstoß in der Dunkelkammer – Papierentwicklung mit Caffenol (und anderen...

Analoge Schwarz Weiss Filme in Hühnerbrühe entwickelt? Genug Internet für heute… Keine alltägliche Kombination, aber laut eines Artikels den ich gefunden habe durchaus machbar. Und die Ergebnisse waren wirklich sehenswert! Natürlich weckte dies mein Interesse für alternative Entwickler.

Getting to grips with darkroom printing using Caffenol (and alternatives) –...

Analog black and white film development and chicken soup. Enough internet for today? An unusual combination, but according to an article I found online, chicken soup can be used to develop film.

The Arista Rapid E-6 kit: a guide to developing your own...

Before I jump into the guide, allow me a few moments to tell you the story of how I began shooting and developing slide film. Many years ago, while working as an employee of a transport and delivery company, I

Photo story – Snow covered mountains and the Moon – by...

Italy - It was a February morning some years ago. Very cold but with a bright and clear sky.

Photo story – Montagne coperte di neve e la luna –...

  Italia - Era una mattina di Febbraio, molto fredda ma con un cielo luminoso e terso.

Developing motion picture film in your own darkroom by Mr. D...

Snatched from the streets of San Diego in late March 2016 by a group of masked assailants, Diz has been spending some time at EMULSIVE HQ (voluntarily) working on a guest post covering his process for developing motion picture film

EMULSIVE interview #58: I am David Lingham and this is why...

We grabbed some time to have a chat with David Lingham, Wales-based darkroom purist and ex-litho industry stripper (not THAT kind). David's got some beautiful images to share, as well as some insight into his photographic journey and why