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Author: Dan K

What makes a good picture?

…aka Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome Photo Contest addendum   Soon after we launched the Instax Mini Monochrome competition, a potential entrant reminded us that we had not disclosed the judging criteria. I had thought to simply say “Make a great image”, but that begs the question “What makes a great image?” I’ll try to answer that in this article, along with what we are looking to achieve and some tips about how to make the best of this medium. A great image should say something. Make a statement, or better, tell a story. Capture the viewer’s imagination and elicit emotion....

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Investigating Fuji INSTAX Mini Monochrome, Color and the Fuji SP-2 Printer

I’m going to call this an informal assessment, because it’s neither properly a product review, nor a test report. However, it does go into more detail than anything I’ve found elsewhere on the internet. I have used integral films for almost 40 years. I have used various products by Polaroid, even their tiny i-Zone film, various generations of Impossible Project films, and of course Fujifilm’s Instax Wide and Instax Mini. I was super excited to have a go with Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini Monochrome. I rushed out and burned through a pack in minutes. By the end of the...

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