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Every new film photography stock announced in 2017

Update: 2017-02-28 (2nd update)

We’ve had a request from representatives of Bergger to clarify that Pancro sheet film is actually available in 4X5, 5X7, 8X10, 11X14, 16X20, Whole Plate and other custom sizes. Great news!

In addition FILM Ferrania have started their countdown timer for the opening of their store (and preorders for FERRANIA P30® ALPHA!). Details below.

Bellamy Hunt at Japan Camera Hunter has been in touch to say that the 2nd run for JCH Streetpan in 35mm AND a new 120 run will be announced in March 2017.


2017 has been a bumper year for film photography so far and we’re just two months in! Before the year gets away from us, and in the interests of keeping a living record of all new films announced and released this year, we’ve put together this page, which you can refer back to for updates and technical information as they become available.

We’ve provided information for each of the films based on word from the manufacturer directly. Where possible – and with permission – we’ve shared insights that you will hopefully find useful, and nowhere else. You’ll also find stats (similar to our Notes section) below each film.

Got an update on these or any other films for 2017? Drop us a line!



2017 film announcement schedule

Here’s a quick guide to when each of these films were announced. Further details and samples/links can be found a little further below.

5thKodak EKTACHROME 100
2ndBergger Pancro 400
23rdLomography Color Negative F²/400
TBAJCH Streetpan 400 - 135 (2nd run) and 120




January 5th 2017 – Kodak EKTACHROME 100

Kodak EKTACHROME 100 - Box render

Kodak EKTACHROME 100 – Box render

Just two months shy of five years after they announced discontinuation of all slide film production Kodak stunned the film photography community with news of the return of EKTACHROME at 2017’s CES. To say it was a surprise is an understatement.

The film will initially be available in 35mm/36 exposure rolls at some point during the fourth quarter of 2017. There are no further details on the films release, or availability in other still photographic formats at the moment but interestingly, the film will be available as Super 8 motion picture film.

Something to do with that camera they’ve been working on perhaps?

Where to buy: Not currently available for order/pre-order


Kodak EKTACHROME E100 (2017) technical details:

NameKodak EKTACHROME 100 (2017)
TypeColor slide (Reversal)
Speed (ISO)ISO 100
Development processE6
Exposure latitudeUNTESTED
Push processingUNTESTED
Cross processingUNTESTED
DatasheetCurrently unavailable



February 1st 2017 – FERRANIA P30® (ALPHA)

Ferrania P30 - Box shot

Ferrania P30 – Box shot

Announced by Nicola Baldini, co-founder of FERRANIA on Feb 1st, FERRANIA P30® ALPHA is an ISO 80 panchromatic black & white motion picture film for still photography, and will be made available in 35mm/36 exposure rolls.

According to FERRANIA, the film is coated on triacetate base and features an “incredibly high” silver content of 5 grams per square meter. Anyone in possession of (non-public) technical data for ADOX SILVERMAX will need to let me know how the two films stack up in that respect.

Sample images by Gianni Giovannini and David Bias below:

FERRANIA P30 Sample - Gianni Giovannini

FERRANIA P30 Sample – Gianni Giovannini

FERRANIA P30 Sample - David Bias

FERRANIA P30 Sample – David Bias

Alpha (pre-production) rolls should be available for pre-order via some time soon. FERRANIA are being very open about what to expect from the initial release and are asking buyers to help improve the film with feedback directly to the company. The film won’t be available for general release until FERRANIA are happy that all the bugs and quirks have been ironed out – that’s where the ALPHA and potentially a BETA stock come in.

Whilst technically announced but not released, it’s worth remembering that FERRANIA’s slide film (a re-engineering of ScotchChrome, which was the basis of FERRANIA’s original Kickstarter), is expected to be released later this year.

More details on that as they arrive and further details of the P30® can be found right here.

Where to buy: Ferrania shop (counting down to 13:00 March 13th!)


FERRANIA P30® (ALPHA) technical details:

TypeBlack and white negative
Speed (ISO)ISO 80
Development processNot formally announced
Exposure latitudeUNTESTED
Push processingUNTESTED
Cross processingUNTESTED
DatasheetCurrently unavailable



February 2nd 2017 – Bergger Pancro 400

According to BERGGER, Pancro 400 is a two emulsion film, composed of silver bromide and silver iodide. The two emulsions differ by the size of their grain and their respective properties give the film a wide exposure latitude. The two emulsions are panchromatic.

There are a whopping SIX formats on offer, which differ slightly. These differences are as follows:

BERGGER Pancro 400 in 35mm format is coated on a 135 micron acetate base and offered in 36 exposure, DX-coded canisters. The 35mm version has an “undercoated anti-halation layer” which “clarifies during processing”, as well as an anti-curling layer.

Sample images below via Aurélien le Duc:

Pancro 400 - (c)

Pancro 400 – (c)

In medium format, Pancro 400 is coated on a 100 micron PET base and otherwise remains the same as the 35mm version – a undercoated anti-halation layer which clarifies during development and an anti-curl layer.

In sheet form, Pancro 400 has the same anti-halation and anti-curl layers at 35mm and medium format but is coated on a 175 micron PET base.

While 35mm and 120 format film is currently available, you can expect to wait until mid-March before you get your hands on any one of the FOUR sheet film versions.

Where to buy: Camera Film Photo


Bergger Pancro 400 technical details:

Bergger Pancro 400
NameBergger Pancro 400
TypeBlack and white negative
Format35mm / 120 / 4x5 / 5x7 / 13x18 / 8x10 / 11X14 / 16X20 / Whole Plate / custom sizes.
Speed (ISO)ISO 400
Development processBergger (various)
Kodak D-76, HC-110, XTOL
Exposure latitude-
Push processing+2 stops
Cross processing-
DatasheetDownload (French)

Download (English)



February 23rd 2017 – Lomography Color Negative F²/400

A one-of-a-kind color negative film available in limited quantities for 2017. Essentially, when it’s gone, it’s gone and there’s nothing else like it.

According to recently penned legend, seven years ago, Lomography rescued the very last master roll of a 400 ASA film from some renowned Italian filmmakers (no prizes for guessing who). The film was carefully stored and remained uncut until finally being made available in 35mm/36 exposure rolls.

Sample images below:

Lomography Color Negative F²:400 35mm (c) Diana Oprisescu

Lomography Color Negative F²:400 35mm (c) Diana Oprisescu

Lomography Color Negative F²:400 35mm (c) Arthur Pang

Lomography Color Negative F²:400 35mm (c) Arthur Pang

Lomography claim that the film has an “X-PRO feel” and it’s hard to disagree with them based on the sample images they provide on their website (link below). The results certainly don’t look like any expired film I’ve shot from those aforementioned Italian filmmakers 😉

I’ll be providing my own thoughts on this pretty unique stock over the coming weeks with an extensive review of the film, so stay tuned.

Where to buy: Lomography


Lomography Color Negative F²/400 technical details:

Lomography Color Negative F²/400
NameLomography Color Negative F²/400
TypeColor negative
Speed (ISO)ISO 400
Development processC41
Exposure latitudeUNTESTED
Push processingUNTESTED
Cross processingUNTESTED
DatasheetCurrently unavailable



March 2017 (TBA) – JCH Streetpan 400 – 135 2nd run & 120

Film Box - JCH Streetpan 400 35mm

Film Box – JCH Streetpan 400 35mm

JCH Streetpan 400 was announced by Mr Japan Camera Hunter Bellamy Hunt back in March 2016 and has quickly become a staple of film shooters the world over. It’s incredibly flexible, pushed very well, creates stunning prints, and if you’ve been paying attention, it’s also a very capable stock for IR photography (please pardon the small plug).

Sample images below courtesy of me, EMULSIVE and Dustin Vaughn-Luma.

JCH Streetpan 400 - Infrared photography

JCH Streetpan 400 – Infrared photography

JCH Streetpan 400 - Dustin Vaughn-Luma - ©

JCH Streetpan 400 – Dustin Vaughn-Luma – ©

JCH Streetpan 400 officially sold out worldwide in January 2017 and Bellamy will be announcing a second run some time in March 2017, along with a formal announcement for JCH Streetpan 400 in 120 format. Stay tuned.

Where to buy: Camera Film Photo and others


JCH Streetpan 400 technical details

JCH Streetpan 400
NameJCH Streetpan 400
VendorJapan Camera Hunter
TypeBlack and white negative
Format35mm / 120 (TBA)
Speed (ISO)ISO 400
Development processIlford Ilfosol 3, ID-11, Ilford Perceptol
Kodak D-76, HC-110, XTOL
Rollei RLS
Exposure latitude-
Push processing+3 stops
Cross processing-
DatasheetCurrently unavailable



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  1. M, if you get your hands on a roll of P30 then you can make a comparison to that Efke roll you shot! 🙂

  2. Just when I’m trying to settle on a couple of film stocks, all of this temptation/distraction comes along…

  3. Streetpan is not a new film. It’s just old agfa stock.

  4. Don’t forget Cinestill 800 has started shipping to indiegogo backers, but is not yet available to the public.

  5. 10 rolls of that lomo stuff arrived today. So excited.

    • I think i’ll give the XA a go. The cannisters doesn’t wear any DX code. So a camera with manual ISO settings is nessesary.

  6. It’s getting better and better!!! 🙂



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