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The EMULSIVE x CineStill Community Interview: results time

In mid-December 2018, I released a call for questions for the latest EMULSIVE Community Interview, this time with the folks at CineStill...

Blind film review #02: CineStill 800T vs Kodak Portra 400 in...

This article pits Kodak's medium format Portra 400 against CineStill's 800T in a head-to-head. Both films utilise Kodak's VISION3 motion picture emulsion technology and have a vastly different look if social media is to be believed.

Dear Benice 8: Cinestill, an Eastern-only delight?

Dear Benice, if I'm not in a big city in Asia shooting Cinestill film, am I really doing something right? Yours, Gudni Thorinorinsson