New in: CineStill “just add water” powdered developers and new improved film

There's some very exciting news coming out of CineStill today in the form of an announcement of new powdered film developing chemistry and manufacturing updates for all new film. As I've noted on social media and this website before

Call for questions: the EMULSIVE x CineStill Film Community Interview

It’s time to introduce the latest in this series of EMULSIVE Community Interviews, this time we're going one-on-one (one-on-two?) with the Brothers Wright, the brains and brawn behind CineStill Film - Cinema film for Still cameras.

Dear Benice 8: Cinestill, an Eastern-only delight?

Dear Benice, If I'm not in a big city in Asia shooting Cinestill film, am I really doing something right? Gudni ThorinorinssonSlushland Dear Gudni, Thank you for getting in touch with your concern, shared by many I’m sure.

Not a sous vide cooker: Cinestill’s ºCs “Temperature Control System” TCS-1000 is a useful tool for simple film development at home

Available on backorder today starting at $99.95 and shipping from 10th October 2018, Cinestill's ºCs TCS-1000 is a compact home film development device created to enable anyone to very accurately control their water/chemistry temperature when developing film. It might