Following several years of research and development, CineStill have launched one of their most long-awaited products — no, not another film stock — a simplified ECN-2 kit for developing motion picture film in its native chemistry…with a CineStill twist.

Say hello to the CineStill Cs2 “Cine Simplified” ECN 2-Bath Kit:

Cs2 Cine Simplified ECN 2-Bath components

In the same vein as their Cs41 “Color Simplified” 2-Bath kit (2019) and Df96 Monobath, and Cs6 “Creative Slide”, all previously announced here on EMULSIVE, the CineStill Cs2 “Cine Simplified” ECN 2-Bath Kit offers a simplified approach to developing motion picture film at home.

The result: Low contrast, cinema style processing for all color film.

The kit incorporates a complete, easy-to-use, 2-bath process, which produces low-contrast color negatives synonymous with the motion picture workflow. It’s a safe and simple process, without all the troublesome byproducts of the original industrial method.

As CineStill put it: Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

For a deep, deep dive written by The Brothers Wright, founders of CineStill Film, please check the links at the foot of this article. Comparison images of Kodak VISON3 50D 5203 film processed with Cs2 Cine Simplified and Cs41 follow: photos by Koltin Sullivan – CineStill 50D processed in Cs41 (top) and Cs2 Cine Simplified (bottom).

Koltin Sullivan - CineStill 50D processed in Cs41Koltin Sullivan - CineStill 50D processed in Cs2 Cine Simplified
Koltin Sullivan - CineStill 50D processed in Cs41Koltin Sullivan - CineStill 50D processed in Cs2 Cine Simplified

Additional samples of CineStill 800T and Kodak Portra 400 developed in Cs2 Cine Simplified follow. Photos by Henry J Keith and The Brothers Wright. Click to view full screen.

The CineStill Cs2 Cine Simplified kit ships worldwide and is available right now for US$29.99, with the Cn2 developer also available as a separate purchase for just US$12.99.

I’m told there are options and bundles coming, too, which will include a bleach-bypass kit and standalone bleach+stop. More on that when I get it but for now, you can head on over to CineStill’s store to get your fix.

Want more? A deeper dive into CineStill Simplified Cs2 chemistry: ECN-2 + CINESTILL = ? – by Brandon & Brian Wright is available here. I spoke with The Brothers Wright prior to the launch of the new kit and I’m pleased to be able to publish this exclusive in-depth look into CineStill Cs2 Cine Simplified written by the Brothers themselves. In the article, they go into the rationale and development of the kit, what this means for still photographers, and importantly, lots and lots of results.

Go check it out now.

~ EM

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