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CineStill 50D is available right NOW in 120 formatCineStill 50D is available right NOW in 120 format

CineStill 50D is available right NOW in 120 format

It seems that a few sneaky types have recently been spreading rumours about a new film from Cinestill on social media. These have, until now, gone unconfirmed by CineStill or the brothers Wright.

A few hours ago, the brothers were kind enough to get in touch and provide me with early access to the press release for their brand new film – CineStill 50D in 120 format.

Yup, you heard it, Cinestill 50D is now being produced in 120 format, and the link below will get you early access before the official announcement later today (June 28th 2017). You can go and grab your preorder this very minute at an as yet privately listed product page.

CineStill are promising that all preorders will be shipped by August 31st 2017, although there’s no word on when it’ll go live for general consumption.

I’ve enjoyed shooting both Cinestill 800T and 50D in 35mm format but to be totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of the halation effects that are apparent when using the films for low-light and long exposure work. When I received my 120 format Cinestill 800T from last year’s Kickstarter campaign, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the film’s backing paper put the anti-halation back (as it were) but still rather disappointed that the campaign didn’t manage to hit their stretch goal for 50D. Looks like I don;t need to be disappointed any more.

Sample photos shot on Cinestill 50D and the (verbatim) press release follow below:



From the Brothers at CineStill

Greetings fellow film makers and film shooters! It is with much excitement that we finally get to announce the Pre-Sale of Cinestill 50D in medium format!

Throughout the crowdfunding campaign, it was amazing to see the support for 800T in medium format. After reaching our goal for 800T, we set our sights on bringing 50D to 120 as well. You made your support for it clear so we made it our mission to make it happen. Sadly, we fell slightly short of our stretch goal which could have secured enough funds for its own simultaneous medium format production run alongside 800T. But we remained determined to make it happen.

CineStill 50D 120 - Nicole Hill

CineStill 50D 120 – Nicole Hill

CineStill 50D 120 - Nicole Hill

CineStill 50D 120 – Nicole Hill

CineStill 50D 120 - Nicole Hill

CineStill 50D 120 – Nicole Hill

We built a whole new production facility, encountered many challenges and wound up doubling down, dollar for dollar, to fulfil the dream that we shared with thousands of analogue Film Makers. Following the fulfilment of the 800T 120 Alpha and finally the full retail release, we continued honing our process to a point where we could further invest in our vision to make the world’s finest grain color negative film for the world’s finest format!

So, without further ado, we are excited to announce that we’re finally bringing 50D to the world of medium format! We’ve opened pre-orders on our store so you can be among the first to get your hands on 50D in 120 this summer!

CineStill 50D 120 - Sample

CineStill 50D 120 – Sample

CineStill 50D 120 - Sample

CineStill 50D 120 – Sample

CineStill 50D 120 - Sample

CineStill 50D 120 – Sample

We are continually thankful for all of the support and faith of this awesome community, and are immensely grateful that we get to bring such an exciting new film stock to the market. We’re going to love shooting it just as much as you, and we can’t wait to throw a roll in our cameras!

Click the link, preorder, and be the first to shoot Cinestill 50D in 120!

Stay golden film shooters, the renaissance is still silver!

Yours in analogue,

~ Cinestill Film



Cinestill 50D specifications

Cinestill 50D (120)
TypeColor Negative
(Motion picture, remjet pre-removed)
Format35mm, 120
Speed (ISO)50
Exposure latitude–-5 to +5 stops (based on Kodak Vision 3 5203)
Push processing3-4 stops (unconfirmed)
Development ProcessECN2 (native)



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