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Camera review: Loving Lomography’s New LomoApparat 21mm wide-angle camera

I want to start off by thanking Lomography Philippines for lending me the LomoApparat after some dramatic pleading. I don’t know about you, but it’s always exciting when Lomography announces a new product. Even with avid, long time film shooters like us who have been exposed to a wide variety of tools – dirt cheap to […]

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5 Frames… Around Blois on LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 (35mm format / EI 200 / Yashica FX – 3 + Yashica Lens ML 50mm f/2) – by Steven Munday

To Describe the Town of Blois, I would begin with the picturesque gardens, the venerable buildings woven together with cobbled streets. Cemented in the history of France, Blois is a stunning destination for anyone with a love for culture, situated in the centre de Loire region and 2 hours south of Paris. Now, I had […]

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5 Frames… Of Latvia’s Kaucminde Manor on Lomography Berlin 400 Kino film (Nikon FE2 and Nikon 55mm f/1.2 AI)

The Kaucminde Manor is an impressive palace building from the early 19th century. In 1920-30 this facility was house to Latvia’s most popular Housekeeping School. The property was belonged to count Peter Ludwig von Palen. In 2018 Kaucminde was hit with a big fire which left the building badly damaged. I have always had a […]

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5 Frames… From my first roll in a Holga 135 PAN Panoramic camera and Revolog Tesla 1 (35mm / Holga 55mm f/8 lens) – by Chemical Lens

Lomography is a contradiction in terms, and I love that. I am a traditional film photographer who takes Lomography seriously. There are 10 Golden Rules of Lomography which is funny because rule #10 says that there are “no rules.” I even have a portfolio on my website that is titled “no rules”. When I’m in […]

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5 Frames… Of a slice of Amsterdam and Zaandam on Lomography Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 (35mm Format / EI 100 / Canon Canonet QL17 GIII)

Once I learned about LomoChrome Purple, I had this idea in my head of using that film to take a photo of the famous “Lego” house in Zaandam. It’s this wonderfully unique building that looks like various traditional Dutch houses stacked on top of each other. More significantly, the facade is mostly green. People who […]

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5 Frames… Of Nordic summer bliss (and Heathrow) on Lomography 800 and a Hasselblad 500CM with Carl Zeiss Planar CF 80mm f/2.8

My family and I recently moved to Sweden. I had owned the Hasselblad for a few months prior to moving, but documenting our first few months in the country of its origin seemed poignant! The first few film stocks I had tried were Ektar 100, then Lomography Color Negative 800 (which I had unsuccessfully tried […]

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5 Frames… Of garden macros on Lomochrome Purple a Minolta X-370 (35mm Format / EI 200 / Minolta MD 50mm f/3.5 Macro Lens)

I always had a fascination with Kodak Aerochrome (Kodak, please bring it back!). So when I came across Lomography’s purple film, I jumped at the chance to test it. It’s not infrared-sensitive, but it’s the closest thing I can get my hands to have similar effects. I was hoping that Lomochrome Purple would allow me […]