Kodak VISION 3 500T (5219)

Cover - Cinematic storytelling part 2 - motion picture film, print film and chemistry v3

Cinematic storytelling part 2: motion picture film, print film and chemistry

In part two of this series we are going to go delve into the technical side of motion picture film: color temperature, print vs motion picture film stocks and finally start to get into what ECN-2 is all about.

Cinematic storytelling part 1: an overview of motion picture film and still photography

This three-part series explores motion picture film for use in still camera and covers the theory behind motion picture film, currently available film stocks, the importance of correct development and the development process itself.

Through this article and the

Cover - Every Film Stock Still Made 4 - Kodak to MACO DIRECT

Every single film stock still made today – Part 4: Kodak to Maco Direct (v4)

Update 03: 2018-11-20

Welcome to part four of this series exploring every single film stock (including instant film, dry plates, etc.), still being made today.

Kodak 250D (5207) - EC2N homebrew developer - Ankle Slapper Tides

Developing motion picture film in your own darkroom by Mr. D Cow Esquire

Snatched from the streets of San Diego in late March 2016 by a group of masked assailants, Diz has been spending some time at EMULSIVE HQ (voluntarily) working on a guest post covering his process for developing motion picture film

'Piccadilly Rain' - London, 2014 (Leica MP - Voigtlander 35 f/1.4 - Kodak 500T Motion Picture Film)

EMULSIVE interview #26: I am Mike Fraser and this is why I shoot film

Today we’re sitting down with Mike Fraser, Toronto-based photographer, cancer researcher and all round globe-trotting nice guy.

Mike works in film of all formats, as well as the occasional foray into digital.