Earlier in 2019, I ordered the mixed-film-pack from Silbersalz, containing one roll of each of the four Kodak VISION3 motion picture film varieties. I quickly shot the 50D, 250D, and 500T, but didn’t really know what to use the 200T for… One evening, while returning from a concert through Cologne and seeing the night sky colours around the Cathedral, I decided to come back the next day with the 200T loaded in my beloved Minolta Hi-Matic 7s rangefinder with it’s fixed Minolta Rokkor 45mm f/1.8 lens.

I brought along a tripod and cable release and started shooting at sunset….

Although the film is labelled “T” for tungsten, I was surprised how well it handles natural colours during sunset. Being a cine-film, it comes with quite a dynamic range… which became noticeable when shooting against the setting sun. Once it became dark and the artificial lights turned on, I continued shooting.

I really love how the film renders the neon-sign of Hotel Excelsior, as well as the other lights. I rated it at 125, so the tripod was mandatory… however, it turned out that inside the Cologne Cathedral you need permission for shooting with tripods… so I improvised and clamped the camera against the bench – it worked! I particularly like the details along the pillars and windows of the cathedral, which the film renders quite well. While making my way along the back of the cathedral, I noticed a nice view I had not seen previously, the stairs (leading to the philharmonic) together with the cathedral.

I chose a longer time, to get some movement in the sky, and would shall I say… the combination of the bright shining spots of light, the gleaming cathedral, the deep blue sky and the dark moving clouds just stunned me!

Overall, I was very pleased and, to be frank, surprised with the 200T. And well, my next order from Silbersalz35 consisted exclusively of four rolls of 200T!

~ Philipp

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