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EMULSIVE interview #123: I am Laidric Stevenson and this is why I shoot film

The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise today’s interviewee from his excellent and much-discussed review of the Bronica GS-1 system; as well as the beautiful images which accompany it.

Vergiss by fin dac, Mamiya Press Super 23, 100mm 3.5, Kodak Portra 400, EI 100

EMULSIVE interview #122: I am Kikie Wilkins and this is why I shoot film

Welcome one and all!

EMULSIVE interview #91: I am John B Crane and this is why I shoot film

Certain readers may recognise today’s interviewee as the man behind I prefer to call him John.

Mamiya RB67, Fuji Provia 100F

EMULSIVE interview #87: I am Christopher Schmidtke and this is why I shoot film

I’ve got more fresh blood for you today in the form of Christopher Schmidtke from Wuerzburg, Germany.

I won’t spoil it and let you all jump in;

Monte Sella di Fanes - Mamiya 7ii - Ilford Delta 100 Professional

EMULSIVE interview #78: I am Johann Bottos and this is why I shoot film

We’re here today with landscape photographer Johann Bottos, Italian native but (for the time being), settled in Austria

Not to diminish the wonderful images and narrative below but Johan is what one might call a little nutty about mountains.


Ilford HP4 120, Rolleiflex TLR, from “On Reading”

EMULSIVE interview #73: I am Ron Hammond and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee is prolific to say the least. Ron Hammond has been actively photographing for over 50 years and exhibiting his work in solo shows for over 25 of them.

Ponteix Sunrise

EMULSIVE interview #65: I am Bob St. Cyr and this is why I shoot film

Today I’m sitting down with native Saskatchewanian, Bob St. Cyr.

Unnoticed by Most: Bronica SQAi, 80mm, f11 at 1/30s on Ilford Delta 3200

EMULSIVE interview #55: I am Paul Berry and this is why I shoot film

Grab a coffee and a pack of your favorite biscuits, this is going to be a long and interesting read.

ZONES 1-4 Mamiya C330, Ilford HP5 Plus 400

EMULSIVE interview #44: I am Gary W Smith and this is why I shoot film

We’re sitting down today with with Liverpudlian turned Londoner, Gary W Smith. You might recognise some of the images below from his Zones 1-4 and London Street projects.

Tim Dobbs - Mamiya C330 - Kodak Ektar

EMULSIVE interview #16: I am Tim Dobbs and this is why I shoot film

One must keep on one’s toes when talking with the Welsh.