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Author: Ian Bartlett

Camera review: Mamiya C220 Professional TLR by Ian Bartlett

The Mamiya C220 Professional TLR is an engineering marvel and I haven’t found anything about it that I don’t like. Well, not much – they knew how to make cameras in the 1970’s. Unlike its mightier Mamiya RB and later RZ 67 cousins, this camera is easy to use out of the studio and in the field. It’s lightweight by comparison (a mere 1,553 grams) and photographers could easily take them out into the street and the landscape, and make their fair share of square imagery. For me, this is a more accessible way into the square format than going...

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5 Frames with… Lomography Color Negative 100 (EI 100 / 120 / 6×6 / Mamiya C220) by Ian Bartlett

We have an annual ‘pilgrimage’ to the island of Lindisfarne off the coast of Northumberland in the UK and it’s a place that never disappoints. Lately, we have arranged to ‘strand’ ourselves here as high tide comes in and cuts the island off from the outside world. Almost all the visitors clear off in a slight mood of panic before then and the island is then almost our own. Although I consider myself a ‘landscape’ photographer, I like to challenge myself sometimes with a square format, so I armed myself with my Mamiya C220 and 2 rolls of Lomography Color Negative...

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