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5 Frames… At the Tatacoa Desert on Kodak Color Plus 200 and a Nikon FM2n (35mm Format / El 200 / Nikon Nikkor 28-105mm AF macro f/3.5-4.5D) – by Juan Roa

I wanted to visit Colombia’s Tatacoa Desert before traveling to the US, and asked my friend Susana if she would like to take a motorcycle trip there. She immediately said YES! We traveled from Cali, and our trip was around 16 hours (driving) and stayed in a wonderful place called Orion camp base, specialises in […]

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5 Frames… Of Christmas double exposures on Kodak Color Plus 200 and a Vivitar Powershot (35mm Format / EI 200)

On Christmas Eve I polished up my Vivitar Powershot Point and Shoot 35mm camera that I rescued from the recycle bin at work and loaded it up with a roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200. I wanted to do something experimental, and the ease of point and shoot cameras lends itself perfectly to experimental photography. I […]

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5 Frames… Of a desolate Blackpool with Kodak ColorPlus 200 (35mm Format / EI 200 / OLYMPUS OM-2)

I’ve been shooting on film (or with any non-convenient high-megapixel low-character smartphone capacity) for a little under half a year now, starting very feebly with what I chose would be worthy of taking a photo of, I slowly garnered the courage to capture moments spontaneously without fear of running out of film – I started […]

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Have a break… have a Kit Kat… film camera…

And finally for your end of week pleasure… after yesterday’s news, let’s file this one under “I need to book a flight to Thailand”. Yes, Thailand’s 11,000+ 7-11’s began selling promotional Kit Kat film cameras earlier this week. Single use, disposable cameras loaded with what appears to be a roll of 16 exposure Kodak ColorPlus […]