And finally for your end of week pleasure… after yesterday’s news, let’s file this one under “I need to book a flight to Thailand”. Yes, Thailand’s 11,000+ 7-11’s began selling promotional Kit Kat film cameras earlier this week. Single use, disposable cameras loaded with what appears to be a roll of 16 exposure Kodak ColorPlus 200 – with a Kit Kat for ฿255 or about US$8.50.

There’s no word if development or scanning is included in the price, or if the cameras can be reused although Greanfilm, an online Thai film store, seems to have cracked one open at least.

It will come as no surprise to active film shooters that all things “classic” and “vintage” – like film cameras, apparently – are growing in their mass-market charm, so the question should probably be, “why has a brand as large as 7-11 not already tired to capitalise on the popularity of all things ‘retro’?”

For my part, I think it’s all a bit of fun, and while I’m not particularly pleased to see yet another single-use plastic on the shelves, I do hope that forward-thinking film shooters will be recycling these at a rate greater than the rest of the country, which according to some reports, is “drowning” in plastic rubbish.

Greanfilm – Kit Kat film camera “trim” 7-11 Thailand

The camera itself is available in 3 colours/trims (read: a paper sticker front and back). Bafflingly, the camera also comes with a 6-month warranty, although I would assume that would be voided IF you eat the chocolate.

Something fun for your Friday 🙂 Sample photos taken with the camera follow and image credits go to Greanfilm and Punpromotion on Facebook. Please also check out Greanfilm on IG.

Oh, and thanks for Aislinn for the tip!

~ EM

Kit Kat film camera sample photos

Greanfilm – Kit Kat film camera 7-11 Thailand
Greanfilm – Kit Kat film camera 7-11 Thailand
Greanfilm – Kit Kat film camera 7-11 Thailand
Greanfilm – Kit Kat film camera 7-11 Thailand

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