Graz on lockdown with snapped film: Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Olympus OM-1 with Zuiko 55mm f/1.2

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Have you ever broken photographic film? Broken as in snapped it in half and then opened the back of the camera to see what no photographer wants to see: naked undeveloped exposed film? Fret not you have not lost everything.

In this post, I made the mistake of opening the camera thinking the film was completely rolled back into the film canister. In reality, the film had snapped due to me loading the film incorrect into my Olympus OM-1.

Olympus OM1 55mm f/1.2 and Kodak ColorPlus 200 film

The film in question was Kodak ColorPlus 200, a wonderful film I’d recommend for morning and evening light and produces warm colours. I rescued my film by placing the camera in a dark bag and removing the film the film gently and developing the two pieces. Shown below are the resulting images, the film having been developed with a Color C41 Tetenal kit and my restored Jobo CPP2.

The silver Olympus OM-1 equipped with the Zuiko 55mm ƒ/1.2 lens and Kodak ColorPlus 200 ASA. This lens I’ve had for quite some time, probably 7 years and I’ve used it on various camera with adapters from Sony to Canon before finally coming back to where it belongs these days on the OM-1.

I discovered ColorPlus in Croatia while on holidays back July 2017. I was working on another film project shooting with camera’s costing under $5 dollar. The camera I was using was the Agfa Silette L. I found the results from the Kodak film warm and pleasing. I kept it in mind until I found it again in Austria.

Often how I take photographs is by following the light, usually at the end of the day. Chasing the retreating light through alleyways of the city of Graz. I’m now onto my fifth year in this laid back Austrian city, the bike capital of Austria.

Taking to my bike is how I find motivation and things of interest. The bike and camera are two of the necessaries to explore any city in Europe. A couple of years back I did a stretch in Berlin by bike for a week – unforgettable experience.

Nowadays, most cities offer bikes to rent while featuring the ubiquitous basket that every photographer requires for their camera in the front. The placing of the basket should not be underestimated. In terms of practicability, one can easily grab the camera to take a shot while having an ever cautiousness eye where their prized glass rests. I do recommend some kind of padding a jumper or a jacket in the event of the camera bouncing around too much. I find this a simple as can be a camera and bike.

If I find for some reason, I forgot to take along the right film or camera, often I take a snapshot on my phone as a reminder for next time. This approach give me reason to cycle a route once again and find other oddities.

Kodak ColorPlus 200 is an ever faithful film at the beginning or the end of a day. Recently I also shot with UltraMax 400 from Kodak too, which I must admit I prefer to use throughout the day outside. To be honest I find Kodak film whether it be in the high end such as Kodak Ektar 100 or Portra, or the low-end ColorPlus or Gold, all to be great film once you find the right light.

Of course tones and colours of these films differ but Kodak doesn’t make a poor film through its range. I guess the point I’m trying to say here as a someone who shoots film, is that the cheaper Kodak films are damn good, we don’t always need to shoot Ektar or Portra all the time!

~ Gavin

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